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GIAM and GMRCA V2.0 Release Note
GIAM Data and Product Gateway (click on the map to enter)

  This is the version 2.0 release (update; as of May 10, 2007) of the International Water Management Institute's (IWMI's) Global irrigated area map (GIAM) and associated products and data.

The GIAM products are produced using time-series data of: (a) AVHRR 10-km monthly from 1997-1999, (b) SPOT 1-km monthly for 1999, (c) GTOPO30 1-km elevation, (d) CRU 50-km grid monthly precipitation from 1961-2000, (e) AVHRR derived 1-km forest cover, and (f) AVHRR 10-km skin temperature. In addition JERS SAR data was used for the African and South American rainforests.

The front-page provides gateway to 4 product lines. The primary product, and overwhelming emphasis, is on the Global map of irrigated area (GIAM). You can click on appropriate places in this front-page that will lead you to the above product lines.

There are many unique features in the IWMI’s GIAM product line. Read More....

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